Teak Wood Bust Lanna Princess

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Artfully carved in detail from solid teak wood, extremely delicate and with wonderful features, this extra large teak bust of a Lanna princess enchants not only men's hearts.
Lanna, the land of millions of rice fields, was once an autonomous state in the north of what is now Thailand with the metropolis of Chiang Mai at its heart. Until late in the 19th century, a unique culture was found here, with its own art, language and especially its own style. It was only when Siam, which was then at the time, incorporated the Lanna state, that Thailand was born with its diverse culture and diverse population.

This Lanna princess symbolizes the style of the past Lanna empire and its princes, with her delicate facial features and the detailed headdress and offers you the possibility of your own little journey through time without having to leave the living room.

Do you already have some Thai furniture in your household? Then set a real Far Eastern accent again with one of our carved teak statues.

Dimensions: HxWxD approx 54x30x13cm
Material: Solid Teak Wood
Scope of supply: 1x Teak Wood Bust Lanna Princess
Country of origin: Thailand

Deviations from the article picture:
Color / grain: none
Shape: none

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