Lychee Table Top with live edge

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Attention do it yourself artists: These table tops are waiting visibly for a hobbyist who will take care of them and transform them into a stylish dining table (or conference table, washstand, or whatever you want to do with it).

Handcrafted from solid Lychee wood, these table tops captivate with an exciting grain that is rarely found anywhere else. The 8cm thick wood is solid and gives every hobby craftsman the DIY table top the necessary mass for a great project.
Lychee wood is characterized by an unmistakable, wavy grain on the edge of the tree and a growth that appears rooted over the entire surface. As a real hardwood, it also weighs quite a bit.

The table tops are made from a single piece, so the wood naturally has very little scope to move. That is why the panels are already clamped at critical points to avoid possible tearing. To be on the safe side, however, the plate should be left to acclimatise a bit before processing begins.

Dimensions WxD approx .:

- 1: 190x95cm
- 2: 200x107cm
- 3: 250x118cm
- 4: 200x110cm
- 5: 241x114cm
- 6: 220x100cm
- 7: 250x100cm

Material: Lychee Wood
Scope of supply: 1x Table Top according to your choice
Country of origin: Indonesia

Deviations from the article picture
Color / grain: low
Shape: none

Please note that the product pictures are only examples! The individual articles differ in their unique nature in shape, color and grain. Small indentations, discolorations, cracks or scratches are not uncommon in these natural articles. Wood is a living material that has naturally grown and works accordingly a bit more. All items are handmade, correspondingly are small errors in the article, odd surfaces, etc. normal deviations. All brand names and images shown in the picture belong to their respective owners and are used here only for size representation.