Bronze Statue Theppanom Pair

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Theppanom, or temple guardians, are the angels of Thai mythology. According to legend, they are people who did good deeds during their lifetime and so return to earth as angels to pay respect to Buddha and to celebrate the event of his enlightenment.

Theppanom is available in Thailand in a wide variety of designs. The best known is the kneeling variant, where the temple guards form their hands into a "wai", a Thai greeting. They are particularly often found in front of temples, where they drive away evil spirits, but also greet visitors at the same time.

Our Theppanom statues are made of solid bronze in a way that has remained unchanged for centuries. They are particularly detailed and have a great patina in an antique look.

Although this is not an antique, but a replica, it is so precisely worked that one could easily confuse this.

Dimensions HxWxD approx .: 46x14x16cm
Material: Bronze
Scope of supply: 1x pair of Theppanom bronze statues
Country of origin: Thailand

Deviations from the article picture
Color / grain: low
Shape: none

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