Welcome to our fascinating world of bowls & dishes,

where craftsmanship meets naturalness and function meets aesthetics. Our collection includes an exquisite selection of unique pieces that are not only practical, but also enhance your space with timeless beauty. From fused glass in a tree slice to artfully crafted fused glass on root wood, we offer a variety of designs and sizes that will enchant both your home and your senses.

Immerse yourself in the world of Suar wood, known for its exceptional durability and natural beauty. Our Suar wood bowls & dishes are not only sturdy, but also artfully carved to showcase unique patterns and textures. Each piece tells its own story, a tale of handcrafted wood carving visible in every detail.

For lovers of naturalness and rustic charm, we offer Fused Glass on Burl Wood in a variety of styles and sizes. These works of art are the result of harmonious fusion of modern design and organic materials. The fused glass on rustic burl wood creates a mesmerizing aesthetic that enhances any space and immediately catches the eye.

Our orchid coconut planters are not only perfect containers for your plants, but also artful decorative pieces. Each wooden planter is handcrafted and designed with attention to detail to provide the perfect setting for your orchid. The natural texture of the coconut shell adds a warm atmosphere to any room and creates a connection with nature.

For teak root wood lovers, we present our exclusive teak root wood decorative bowl. Teak root wood, known for its sturdiness and grace, is hand shaped into a bowl that is not only functional, but also serves as a stunning work of art. Each wooden bowl is unique and exudes the timeless elegance of teak.

Our root wood fruit bowl is another masterpiece of craftsmanship. Made from carefully selected burl wood, this bowl is not only a practical container for your fruit, but also an eye-catcher on your Suar wood dining table or kitchen counter. The natural grain of the wood gives the bowl a unique beauty that turns any fruit salad into a work of art.

For fans of Far Eastern flair, we offer the Bamboo Rice Basket, which can be used not only for rice, but also for bread, fruit or other goodies. The bamboo is hand woven and shaped into a sturdy basket that is not only functional, but also brings a touch of Asian elegance to your kitchen.

Our wooden bowl with lantern combines functionality and atmosphere in a single piece. Made of high-quality wood, the bowl serves not only as a container for small items, but also as a holder for a lantern. The soft candlelight, embedded in the natural beauty of the wood, creates a cozy atmosphere and invites you to relax.

What makes our products special is not only their beauty, but also their origin. Our burl wood furniture is made from sustainably sourced wood, which not only protects the environment, but also ensures that each piece tells a story written by nature itself.

In our collection, you will also find Fused Glass on Burlwood, which is available in a variety of styles and sizes. This fascinating material is created by fusing glass and wood, creating a unique visual experience. The smooth, glossy surface of the glass combined with the rustic texture of the burl wood creates a fascinating harmony between elegance and naturalness.

Our teak root wood bowls & dishes are not only practical, but also a statement of your exquisite taste. Teak is known for its durability and beauty, and is often used in the manufacture of high-end furniture. Our teak root wood bowls & dishes are handcrafted and each piece is unique, perfectly showcasing the timeless elegance of this material.

For lovers of Asian aesthetics, we offer exquisitely handcrafted products made by talented artisans from Thailand and Indonesia. Our bowls & dishes are not only practical, but also works of art that embody the beauty and elegance of Asian furniture. Each piece is carefully crafted to honor the traditional craftsmanship of these regions while offering modern design and functionality.

Our wooden planters are not only perfect containers for your plants, but also beautiful decorative pieces that add a natural touch to any room. The craftsmanship that goes into each wooden planter is evident in the fine details and flawless finish. Our planters are available in a variety of sizes and designs to provide a stylish home for all your plants.

All of our bowls & dishes are handcrafted and made with the utmost care to ensure that they are not only beautiful, but also of the highest quality. We believe in the beauty of nature and strive to capture that beauty in each of our products.

If you're looking for unique, handcrafted bowls & dishes that are not only functional but can also serve as art pieces, you've come to the right place. Our collection offers a wide range of designs and materials to complement any taste and decor.

Visit our furniture store in Zschopau, near Chemnitz, and discover a world of beauty and elegance. In addition to our bowls & dishes, you will also find a variety of other high-quality furniture, including burl wood coffee tables, wooden wine racks, acacia wood side tables, wooden vanity tables and much more. We sincerely invite you to experience our products on site and see their quality and beauty for yourself.

Our dedicated staff is available to assist you in selecting the perfect bowls & dishes for your home. We are proud to offer handcrafted products of the highest quality and look forward to helping you enhance your home with our unique furniture.

Visit us today and be inspired by our collection. Discover the beauty of Suar wood, the elegance of teak burl wood and the grace of handcrafted fused glass on burl wood. We are sure you will be delighted with our selection and enjoy the timeless beauty of our products for many years to come. We look forward to your visit!

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