Handmade candles from Thailand

Candle = candle and wax = wax? Read here why this is not always the case.

Handmade candles, natural raw materials and socially responsible work

All candles that you can buy from us were hand-made in our partner candle factory in the north of Bangkok (Thailand).

Only women, mostly single mothers, who can make a decent living in this way, work in the manufactory itself.

The candles from Thailand themselves are made from high-quality raw materials, for example the wicks are imported from Germany to ensure that they burn off soot-free. The candle wax is also only made from high-quality raw materials. The whole thing is topped off by the candles made of soy wax.


Nothing but a little hot water and manual labor are used in the manufacture of the various candle models. And from innumerable steps, a wonderfully fragrant candle is gradually created. Soy wax is unfortunately too soft to give it a flower shape, which is why this particularly natural wax is only available in cast forms, such as in our coconuts.

Handmade candles from Thailand in our home decor shop in Zschopau

Until there is internet with smell transmission, the best way to sniff through the fantastic scent world of the candles is probably the on-site assessment.

Have a look at our furniture shop in Zschopau and simply feel and smell our selection of handmade candles. By the way, you can also take a look at a large selection of Thai furniture and maybe take a suitable wooden side table with you to match the candle. ;)

We look forward to your visit to the motorcycle town of Zschopau.