Bronze Statue Kinaree

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Bronze Statue Kinaree

Finally there is our "heraldic animal", the Thai mythical creature Kinaree, also as a decorative object for the home.

The Kinaree, half woman, half swan, lives on the slopes of the mythical Mount Meru, in the center of the universe. She embodies beauty, elegance and perfection and is an integral part of the daily Thai street scene.

Alone on the way from Bangkok Airport to the city you will be greeted by tens of golden kinarees in the land of smiles and these mythical figures can also be found again and again in the country's temples.

This Kinaree statue made of solid bronze, which was made in a centuries-old wax casting process, is not only special because of its detailed look. Every little detail in the plumage of the Kinaree can be seen exactly and with a weight of 1.1kg this bronze statue makes a mighty impression.

Although this is not an antique, but a replica, it is so precisely worked that one could easily confuse this.


Dimensions HxWxD approx .:  30x16x15cm
Material: Bronze
Scope of supply: 1x Bronze Statue Kinaree
Country of originThailand

Deviations from the article picture 
Color / grain: low
Shape: none

Please note that the product pictures are only examples! The individual articles differ in their unique nature in shape, color and grain. Small indentations, discolorations, cracks or scratches are not uncommon in these natural articles. Wood is a living material that has naturally grown and works accordingly a bit more. All items are handmade, correspondingly are small errors in the article, odd surfaces, etc. normal deviations. All brand names and images shown in the picture belong to their respective owners and are used here only for size representation.


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