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Gong With Stand M

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Gong With Stand S

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Tempel Gong

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Tempel Gong

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From the Wat to the living room - Temple Gong from Thailand as decoration idea


Anyone who has had the opportunity to enter a Thai wat in his life, knows the venerable feeling, which is so indelibly in the memory. The unique mood in a wat, the scent of prayers incense sticks, sheen and glitter on ceilings & walls, a majestic Buddha surrounded by offerings. This feeling is further emphasized by the monotonous sing-prayer of Buddhist monks and the dull beat of temple gongs and temple bells.
Unfortunately, we can not offer you a whole wat, but at least a few parts can also find their way to your home. For example one of our handmade, Thai temple gongs in different sizes.


Deco idea for Asia lovers

Whether as a pure decoration, or maybe even for the right mood in the yoga studio - our temple gongs are versatile and particularly beautiful to look at. For Thailand and Asia lovers, these gongs are wonderful deco objects that are reminiscent of the last Asian holiday and can be used depending on the size to call the children to eat :)


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