Molten Glass Vase on Root Wood

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Molten Glass on Root Wood

The absolute bestseller on Bali and probably one of the most popular souvenirs: molten glass on a solid teak wood root.

This model is a great intermediate size, between a small, pure decorative object and a gigantic glass bowl, as we also have on offer.

Whether as a fancy flower pot, vase for plants that need a lot of water or a small terrarium for cacti or the like, this intermediate sized specimen melted on a root can be used in many ways.

Of course, each of these glass vases is absolutely unique, because the root alone has grown differently for each piece and the glass is shaped very differently.



Dimensions HxWxD approx .:  25x15x15cm
Material: Teak Root Wood and glass
Scope of supply: 1x Molten Glass on Root Wood
Country of origin: Indonesia

Deviations from the article picture 
Color / grain: low
Shape: high

Please note that the product pictures are only examples! The individual articles differ in their unique nature in shape, color and grain. Small indentations, discolorations, cracks or scratches are not uncommon in these natural articles. Wood is a living material that has naturally grown and works accordingly a bit more. All items are handmade, correspondingly are small errors in the article, odd surfaces, etc. normal deviations. All brand names and images shown in the picture belong to their respective owners and are used here only for size representation.



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Molten Glass Vase on Root Wood 30-50cm Molten Glass Vase on Root Wood 30-50cm
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Melted glass on root small Melted glass on root small
25.99 € *
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