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Here you will find lotions for body and face, for skin & senses from the homeland of Ayurveda - Sri Lanka.

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Natures Secrets Body Butter

Product no.: 3110

Natures Secrets Aloe Vera Bodylotion 210ml

Product no.: 3102

5.49 *
100 ml = 2.61 €

Natures Secrets Bodywash Tamarind 310ml

Product no.: 3106

6.49 *

Natures Secrets Bodywash Mango 310ml

Product no.: 3105

6.49 *
100 ml = 2.09 €

Natures Secrets Aloe Vera 95% Lotion

Product no.: 3109

8.99 *

Natures Secrets Papaya Bodylotion 210ml

Product no.: 3103

5.49 *
100 ml = 2.61 €

Natures Secrets Tamarind Bodylotion 210ml

Product no.: 3104

5.49 *
100 ml = 2.61 €
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Indulge your body and your senses with the luxurious wellness products of Natures Secrets from Sri Lanka 


Natures Secrets offers a variety of body lotions, face wash lotions or shower gel that are produced using traditional Ayurvedic methods.

Ayurveda is a traditional healing art that has been used for centuries in Sri Lanka. In Europe, the Asian healing arts are mostly used for wellness purposes. Ayurveda is all about harmony between body, mind and soul.

With the exclusive products of Natures Secrets you can get the traditional Ayurveda from Sri Lanka to your home. Indulge your senses and your mind with the luxurious body lotion, facial lotion and shower gel according to the traditional Ayurveda method from Sri Lanka.


Experience Asian healing art at home

All Natures Secrets products are produced using only the traditional Ayurveda manufacturing process. Natures Secrets products allow you to experience traditional Sri Lankan healing at any time. Get a touch of Far Eastern wellness at home.

Natures Secrets offers you products with lotus, papaya, mango and many other natural ingredients that are particularly skin-friendly and provide your skin with plenty of moisture. Let yourself be enchanted by the caring products and the tropical fragrances and enjoy a moment of time-out. The Ayurveda production also requires that all products are produced without animal testing and are free from parabens and dyes.


The medicinal plants all-rounder Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is probably the best-known medicinal plant from the Far East. Aloe has therefore been used for centuries in Ayurveda.
Natures Secrets offers you various products with the medicinal all-rounder. The care products with aloe vera from far away Sri Lanka combine health and beauty. The Aloe Vera, a medicinal plant with millennium-old tradition, is the star in natural medicine. With the Natures Secrets products you can relax properly. The aloe vera gel is skin-contacting and contains 95% pure aloe vera.
The gel can be used variously for daily care to soothe the skin after a long sun band as an after sun lotion or for daily moisturizing. The Aloe Vera Body Lotion gives your skin a particularly refreshing, pleasant fragrance and is ideal for both daily use and as an after sun lotion.

With the Aloe Vera products from Natures Secrets from Sri Lanka, you can experience pure luxury and treat yourself to a little pampering break.