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Wood lamps as wood wall lamp made of driftwood, old wood and more from Kinaree

Wood lamps are already a real eye-catcher, but a driftwood wall lamp sets yet another milestone in creativity. With a driftwood wall lamp, you design your apartment completely individually, because no two pieces are alike.

If you prefer a tropical feel and a certain "beach feeling" in your home, then you are in the right place. Bring a relaxed atmosphere with a hint of holiday feeling in your home with a driftwood wall lamp.

All these lamps are made by hand, each becomes an absolute unique.

Whether Asian furnitureBalinese furnitureIndonesian furniture or Thai furniture - let yourself be enchanted by furniture from another world made of special materials from real craftsmanship.

All our furniture can be bought online, as well as at Kinaree in Zschopau.