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Ceiling Lamp Oldwood Beam

Product no.: 9024

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Oldwood Beam Ceiling Lamp KIHEI

Product no.: 9001

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Oldwood Beam Ceiling Lamp KIHEI II

Product no.: 2699

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Ceiling Lamp Hemp Rope BAHAMA

Product no.: 2687

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Ceiling Lamp Hemp Rope BAHAMA II

Product no.: 2610

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Hanging Lamps

Ceiling lamps and hanging lamps made of driftwood and much more from Kinaree

Whether above the dining table, in the kitchen, in the living room or in the hallway - a central ceiling lamp is essential in almost every room. It is then all the more difficult to find a visually appealing variant if it should not necessarily be off the shelf.

A ceiling lamp made of wooden beams, driftwood or ship rope, for example, offers exactly the right opportunity to let a unique piece shine in the room that the neighbor is guaranteed not to have. Because each of these ceiling lamps made of wood, rope or driftwood is an absolutely unique piece due to the nature of the raw material.


Hanging Lamps made from wooden beams

An old wooden beam provides a rustic look not only in half-timbered houses. Elsewhere, too, the trend is increasingly to incorporate wooden beams as exposed beams into the room design, or even to have them built in later.
A ceiling lamp made of wooden beams creates exactly the right bridge to complement this ambience. The old, clearly drawn wood of these ceiling lamps, combined, for example, with modern LED filament bulbs, fits in perfectly with a rustic living environment.
It goes without saying that each piece is unique, because the decades it took to give the old wooden beams their unmistakable traces simply cannot be imitated.

Hemp rope ceiling lamp

If you don't necessarily want solid, old wood, then a ceiling lamp made of hemp rope is an unusual, rustic option that can also be perfectly integrated into maritime furnishing styles. Combined with a floor lamp or table lamp made of hemp rope, which you can also find with us, a maritime touch comes into every room and the style element can easily be expanded into different areas

Hemp rope as a natural material not only looks modern, but also natural and playful and, in combination with warm lighting, creates a cozy atmosphere

Our furniture store in Zschopau

You can buy all our furniture and lamps online as well as at Kinaree in Zschopau near Chemnitz. Basically, we always recommend visiting our shop in Zschopau, if only because our solid wood furniture and lamps are very unique. Each piece is unique and looks different, which is why it is of course better for the selection to see the individual articles with their own eyes and compare.

Combine your visit to our furniture store with a visit to the city of Zschopau, or the surrounding area. The Erzgebirge is always worth a visit.

All information about our store can be found HERE.