Zschopau for Visitors

Zschopau for guests and tourists - discover our sights

The motorcycle city of Zschopau is known for its long history as the center of motorcycle production (MZ). In the 70s Zschopau had the largest motorcycle factory in the world and the motorcycles of the MZ brand are still world famous. 

The industry of the city of Zschopau, near Chemnitz, came to a sudden end with the political change in 1990. But even if production has disappeared, the spirit lives on. Every year, Motorcycle City hosts the Enduro, a Motocorss championship, as well as many other events for fans of motorized vehicles.

Even off the racetrack Zschopau has a lot to offer. Historic ambience, compact old town flair and friendly people invite you to stroll and stroll. The old town has now been extensively renovated and shines in new splendor and many small streets invite you to stroll through the local shops.

The nature is only a few steps away. Numerous hiking trails meander through the forests of the Erzgebirge around Zschopau.

Wildeck Castle is a medieval castle in the middle of the old town, which invites you to visit with its motorcycle museum, book printing and coinage, as well as a mineral exhibition and the keep "Dicker Heinrich".

Whether in summer, when the city center is lined with flowers, or in winter, when the Christmas wonderland with Erzgebirgian Schwibbögen in almost all windows shines, Zschopau is always worth a visit.

All information about Zschopau and its attractions can be found on www.zschopau.de