Root Wood


Root wood furniture - from the root wood table to the root wood bench and the long way to Germany

Most of our rootwood products are from Indonesia. As in all of Asia you can find countless pieces of furniture made of burl wood, but in Indonesia, especially in Bali and Java, it really gets you on the top :)
But let's start at the beginning.

When a tree is felled, usually only the part of the trunk is used as timber, which can be found above the ground. This is the case in our native forests, but also in many other countries of the world this is how it is handled.

The explanation is quite simple: it is just too much work to dig up the often massive roots of a huge tree. In the middle of the forest you can not use a heavy device and by hand nobody does such a job.

A small exception here is our root wood from Indonesia. If a large teak tree needs to be felled, for instance to preserve lumber, or simply because it is destroyed by storm and weather, the root is also painstakingly removed by hand. This has actually quite pragmatic reasons: Once the root is out, you have room for new things, for example for reforestation.

In fact, it is common for the root wood that has just been excavated to be simply burned because it is too bulky for regular use. Not so, but on the island of Java in Indonesia. Here the farmers from the surrounding villages bring their "harvested" root wood to our partner factory in Surakarta, where experienced craftsmen make beautiful furniture from it.

A particularly unique feature of this burl wood is the outstandingly textured grain of the wood, as well as the shape of the resulting burl wood furniture. True to the motto "Designed by Mother Nature", only unique pieces are made from burl wood.


Unique burl wood furniture for unique home decor

In painstaking work, a piece of root ball is transformed into a piece of furniture, piece by piece.
After the root has been dug up, it is roughly released from the earth and transported away. Already, our craftsmen can recognize finished pieces of furniture in the huge root and use either the entire piece, for example, for a huge burl wood sideboard:

Massives Wurzelholz Sideboard


Or from several individual pieces (in this case, there are just 2 pieces) a massive burl wood vanity:

Wurzelholz Waschtisch


The variations that can be made from this diverse Holt are almost infinite. From the burl wood table to the matching burl wood chair, almost everything is possible. Only the weight sets us here and there still limits.


Root wood furniture care

Now comes the best: Your root wood furniture requires no special and elaborate care!

Burl wood, more specifically teak burl wood, of course, has the same characteristics as "regular" teak solid wood. This is on the one hand a very high proportion of oil, which keeps the wood fresh "from the inside" and has a positive effect on the wood structure, but also ensures that teak wood can be used without hesitation in wetter places, such as in the bathroom or in the garden ,
In addition, the high proportion of oil ensures that wood is less prone to cracking and deformation, so you do not have to worry about the wood breaking.

To care for your root wood furniture, it is enough to dust it off and wipe it over slightly damp. If you would like to use your burl wood furniture as garden furniture, we recommend treating it with weather protection at least once a year and, if possible, storing it in winter. Due to the many notches of the rustic root wood, water would otherwise accumulate in the notches in winter, freeze and cause the wood to burst like a poorly repaired village street.

You are not sure which tools you can use for your burl wood furniture, or you want tips & tricks? Visit us in our furniture store in Zschopau (near Chemnitz) and we will assist you with help and advice.