Teak Wood

Teak Wood

Recycled teak wood for solid wood furniture - the greener version


Most of the teak wood products that you will find here in our online shop (especially the larger furniture) are made from recycled teak wood.

This means that no trees are felled especially for your furniture, but old teak wood, which has been the standard lumber in Asia for centuries, is simply refurbished and reused.

For example, your newly acquired dining table could once have been a hundred year old timbers of a traditional Javanese home.

We are on site at least once a year to ensure for you, for us and for our environment that no illegally harvested wood finds its way into your furniture. Indonesia also has one of the best authorities to sustain illegal logging. All our suppliers have the "Indonesian Legal Wood" seal of quality.
Indonesia was the first country ever to introduce the FLEGT licensing system. FLEGT stands for Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade and is intended to prevent the import of illegally harvested timber into the EU.

With us you buy Indonesian furniture online from best and sustainable sources. But now a few words about the development process of your new favorite furniture




The old wood, which is used for our solid wood furniture, is collected, dried and sorted in a small village in the heart of Java (Indonesia)

Wiederverwendetes Teak Holz wird gesammelt.


And from such ruins that can be found everywhere (pictured here Yogyakarta, Indonesia), comes almost all the wood


Häuser Ruinen in Zentral Java - recyceltes Teak Holz


The further processing is then done by hand. The waste wood is smoked in the oven for several days to make sure that there are no pests in the wood and that it is sufficiently dry.

Teak Altholz wird sortiert und vor verarbeitet


The biggest machine in the "factory" is a very old table saw, which is also used by an older operator :)

Altholz wird an einfachen Maschinen weiterverarbeitet


The finished cooked pieces of wood then go into the individual areas for further processing. Here you can see the burlwood department where our teak bowls are being made. By hand here is polished and sanded.

Teak Wurzelholz wird zu Schalen und mehr verarbeitet


Until the rough pieces of real furniture become apparent

Wurzelholz Möbel kurz vor der Fertigstellung


Then it goes into the production. Here, the solid wood furniture the finishing touches missed and put together.

Altholz Möbel werden gefertigt


The final touch then awaits the furniture at the carving master. This decorates the furniture then elaborately with traditional inlays. There is one who masters this craft here, and all our inlaid furniture passes through his hands.

Balinesische Möbel mit Schnitzereien und Intarsien

Balinesische Möbel mit Schnitzereien und Intarsien


This process of creating our furniture takes 4-8 weeks for a complete container load. When the furniture is ready, it is ready to go to the container and at sea and after 4-5 weeks we can receive the load of Indonesian furniture here in the furniture store in Zschopau and shortly thereafter you will have your favorite new item at home.