GRAND OPENING - Kinaree Zschopau


Grand opening of Kinaree Zschopau on November 14th, 2020

Because we didn't like the tiles in the old shop anymore, we just open a new one: D

And we would like to cordially invite you! Visit us from November 14th, 2020 in our new furniture store in Zschopau and experience a great selection of exotic furnishings.
From root wood furniture to solid teak wood furniture made from reclaimed wood, mahogany furniture in colonial style and of course a lot of paradisiacal charm with Asian antiques, over 200m² are waiting to be discovered by you.


Neueroeffnung Kinaree Zschopau 14.11.2020


Of course, we will also take care of your physical well-being on November 14th, 2020 for the reopening of Kinaree in Zschopau. So you can look forward to hoppy refreshments from the Erzgebirge beer factory and culinary delights from the Sebastian Mai Food Company.
Even the little ones are of course well taken care of and while you browse through our new living room with a champagne, the dwarves can let off steam while doing handicrafts.


Special requirements in the furniture store because of the word with C

In view of the overall situation in the modest year 2020, we of course also have to regulate the flow of visitors a little in order to keep the required intervals. Therefore, unfortunately, only a maximum of 30 people are allowed into the building at the same time. But you can take a relaxed look at the new Kinaree without being too crowded (you have to emphasize the advantages).
For all those who have to wait a moment until there is space in the building again, we will of course ensure that the waiting time is comfortably bridged with live music, barbecue and drinks outside on the street;)


Opening times in the new shop

We are also adjusting our opening times in the new shop and will be there for you longer from November 14th, 2020. In concrete terms as follows:

Monday 09:30–12:30
Tuesday 09:30–12:30
Wednesday 09:30–12:30
Thursday 09:30–12:30
Friday 09:30–12:30
Saturday 09:30–14:00


Address Kinaree in Zschopau

Those looking for us don't have to walk far from the old business. You can find us just 62m further down the street in the

Ludwig-Würert-Str. 16
09405 Zschopau


With this in mind: We look forward to your visit to the new Kinaree in Zschopau :)


Montag 09:30–12:30
Dienstag 09:30–12:30
Mittwoch 09:30–12:30
Donnerstag 09:30–12:30
Freitag 09:30–12:30
Samstag 09:30–14:00