Buddha in old Teak Wood

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Old and gray, but completely timeless. This Buddha figure, carved from a solid piece of teak wood in the northern Thai Lanna style, always remains modern.

Over the decades, sun, water and fire have taken turns washing the structures out of the old wood, creating a fascinating patina that makes this old wood Buddha absolutely unique.

Do you already have one or two pieces of Thai furniture in your household? Then add a real Far Eastern accent with one of our carved teak statues.

Dimensions: HxWxD approx 84x64x25cm
Material: Solid Teak Wood
Scope of supply: 1x Buddha in old Teak Wood
Country of origin: Thailand

Deviations from the article picture:
Color / grain: none
Shape: none

Please note that the product images are only examples! The individual articles differ in their unique nature in shape, color and grain.
Small pits, discolorations, cracks or scratches are not uncommon in these natural articles. Wood is a living material, has grown naturally and works accordingly a little bit more. All items are handmade, correspondingly are small errors in the article, odd surfaces, etc. normal deviations.