Bronze Buddha Hand Statue

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Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Asian art with our bronze Buddha hand statue

- a timeless decorative object that combines elegance and spirituality. This unique statue has been crafted with great attention to detail using a centuries-old wax casting process by skilled craftsmen in Thailand. The bronze Buddha hand, artistically designed, radiates an aura of calm and contemplation. The hand, a symbol of Buddhist teachings, is masterfully placed on a sturdy base that not only supports the statue but also enhances its presence in any room. The artful craftsmanship of the bronze gives the statue a timeless elegance and a subtle, warm patina. The interplay of light and shadow on the surface emphasizes the fine details of the hand, from the delicate fingers to the precisely designed nails. This bronze Buddha hand statue is more than just a decorative object - it is an expression of spiritual harmony and a deep connection with Asian culture. Whether as an eye-catcher in your living room, office or as a gift for an art lover, this statue is sure to attract admiring glances and create an atmosphere of serenity. Bring a touch of Far Eastern mysticism into your home with this exquisite work of art.

Dimensions HxWxD approx .: 30x17x9,5cm
Material: Bronze
Scope of supply: 1x Bronze Hand of Buddha
Country of origin: Thailand
Deviations from the article picture
Color / grain: low
Shape: none

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