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From burl wood or root wood furniture to driftwood lamps, asian furniture and many more. At Kinaree from Zschopau we will fullfill all your dreams of interior design.

At Kinaree, your partner for unique living and wellnessproducts, we strive to offer you the best available interior design articles, lamps and furniture from burl wood, root wood, bamboo, acacia, and many more for fair prices. You can order from home or come visit us at our shop in Zschopau, near Chemnitz in Saxony.

Burl Wood Furniture - Unique items for your home.

You are looking for a truly unique? Then you are exactly right with our root wood furniture! Whether burl wood coffee table or dining table, side table or stool, each of the furniture is made of 100% solid teak or teak root wood. Virtually indestructible and built to last, you will prepare especially long joy of this wood. Because in addition to the strength confident in burl wood furniture in addition the outstanding, flamed grain that makes this solid wood so unique.

Root wood furniture care made easy

Burl wood furniture not only look good but are also particularly easy care. In the apartment they need is a damp cloth to wipe off - that's it. No expensive toiletries, no chipped corners like veneer furniture. Burl makes living easy.

Asian furniture, Thai furniture, Balinese furniture, Indonesian furniture, general furniture from Asia or short: Asian furniture.

Asian furnitureare known for their playful structures for the quality and processing of the wood used and of course for your obvious charm. Be it the dresser with carved elephants, a shelf from an old boat, or a piece of furniture from burl, our Asian furniture you will be spoiled for choice between naturally formed, robust and rustic furniture and stunning beautifully designed and carved furniture.

100% handmade - Asian furniture lovingly hand

Our Asia furniture, as well as all other products in our online shop, created in 100% handmade. Thus, each piece a truly unique is.

Wood lamps - from coconut lamp, above the tree trunk lamp to driftwood lamp - at Kinaree you will find it.

We at Kinaree standing on wooden lamps, not just any wood lamps, but particularly to those of driftwood, old wood, lianas wood or coconut. A tree trunk lamp, driftwood lamp or floor lamp Wood always lends itself to home to an absolute eye-catcher. For if the natural wood is still specially lit, then one can see enough it no longer at. In from Zschopau is guaranteed to find the right piece!

The largest burl wood furniture selection in the region Zschopau, Chemnitz and Marienberg

We are the leading furniture store / furniture store in the region Zschopau, Chemnitz and the Erzgebirge in terms of exceptional solid wood furniture. Furniture made of burl wood or lamps made of driftwood can be found in such a comprehensive range anywhere else in this region. We look forward to seeing you at Kinaree online, or in our design shop in Zschopau (Sachsen) near Chemnitz.